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Over 25 years in business.

Transcription Services Toronto

XL Transcribing has over 25 years of experience offering professional and confidential transcription services in both English and French languages. All of our employees have over ten years of transcribing experience, are proficient in the English language, and keep updated and valid security clearances authorized by the Federal Government of Canada. 

​Transcripts are put through rigorous editing and quality control channels in a timely fashion, with accuracy, security and deadlines a priority.

Anne Pearse, Founder/Owner, XL Transcribing Inc.

“After gaining experience transcribing detention reviews and medical transcripts, as well as executive secretarial duties involving transcribing minutes of meetings, letters and reports, I founded XL Transcribing in 1990. In the early stages, it was just myself and one employee. Over the years, I have hired, trained, and coordinated a staff ranging from six to 30 typists managing a broad range of projects varying in scope and size. When you call XL Transcribing, I answer the phone. I believe in being my own point-of-contact with clients so I can maintain confidentiality while ensuring my clients are receiving precisely what they need as quickly as possible. With over 25 years in business, XL has experience accommodating a wide variety of transcription services while maintaining personalized and confidential relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction.” ​

Past & Present Clients

  • Transportation Safety Board of Ontario
  • Department of Justice
  • Real Estate Council of Ontario
  • Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
  • Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
  • Various lawyers and law offices


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